The Founder

Marina AKA The Desert Diva has a wealth of offroad and overland experience in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman.  Having been a 4×4 owning resident in the Gulf from 2009, she has explored all accessible areas in the three countries, with her husband and with groups.  In winter 2018/2019, her UAE Company, Desert Diva Events and Adventures led over 100 cars into the desert, collectively covering around over 50,000kms with absolutely no damage done to vehicles (although a couple did have mechanical issues!).

Returning part-time to Scotland for family reasons, she has now launched Xpedition Arabia to offer overland adventures to tourists from the UK and beyond; Oman, Saudi and the UAE have very different cultures and values to the west and her in-depth knowledge of these enhance our guests experience in these lovely countries.

The Company

Xpedition Arabia is the trading name of Empty Quarter Enterprises Ltd, registered in Scotland, UK, and is 100% owned and managed by Marina and Neil Bruce.  We offer guided self-drive adventures to guests from all over the world.

Marina and her team have been leading desert and overland trips for 9 years and with that experience create special trips which we think you will love!

We like small groups, as if we limit the number of cars we can travel farther and see much more, and isn’t that what overlanding is all about! For our Oman 5/6/7/8 adventures, we limit the number of guest cars to 5, these will be backed up with two guide cars.

To make our weekend trips viable we take up to 10 guest cars, again with two guide cars. We try to avoid the heavily beaten tourist routes; Oman has the most beautiful wadis (dried up riverbeds) but they are at their best when not shared with 500 other people!  Thankfully the Sultanate  is huge and over the years our crew have explored almost every inch of this marvellous country, and will show you amazing places and an insight into traditional and modern Omani culture. And now with Saudi Arabia opening up for tourism, brand new adventures are been created to explore this vast country.

Empty Quarter Enterprises Ltd T/A Xpedition Arabia, 4 Crown Terrace, Portgordon AB56 5RJ


Call/whatsapp us +971509478563   UK number +447565570827

copyright Empty Quarter Enterprises Ltd, T/A Xpedition Arabia  2020

Nissan Patrol crossing the salt flats in Liwa

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