Catering "on the move"

Food Options (for our 5-9 Day Adventures)

We carry a 60 litre ARB fridge and a 67 litre Waeco coolbox which we pack with food to last our group for up to 3 days in the desert.  Although we are in sparsely populated areas, we do know where all the small supermarkets are located which gives us a chance to replenish our food stocks.

We have at least one BBQ per trip and offer steak, marinated chicken, grilled veg, salads, bread and hummus.

Other nights we prepare a camp supper such as chicken fajitas or camel bolognaise, or perhaps a fish stew and or/pasta.  We have never had anyone left hungry on our trips!

We offer food options for carnivores, vegetarians and those who follow a gluten free diet.  If you are vegan we will need some input from you to ensure we are able to cater for you in remote parts of Oman.  There are many expat vegetarians in Oman however not so many vegans so hotels and restaurants do not generally cater for them unless requested.

Marina is gluten intolerant so if you are a fellow sufferer you can be sure that there will be no cross-contamination.




Breakfast and Lunches

We vary our breakfasts out in the field, when it is very hot or we need to strike camp early you can choose from instant oats, breakfast bars and fruit, washed down with tea and coffee.  Other mornings when we have more time you might find eggy toast with sausages, or freshly made pancakes with date syrup on the breakfast table.

Lunches are normally picnics in scenic places with bread, labnah, cheeses, fruit, pickles, dips (baba ganoush, moutable, hummus or “pink stuff” – I guess you will have to join a trip to see what that is).  We try to vary the menu a bit daily, adding stuffed vine leaves, chicken tikka cooked on the previous night’s bbq, crisps and other snacks.

We always carry a lot of fruit for snacks, and an extra day’s water, ie if we will be in the desert for 2 days, we will carry 3 days’ supply.

Any food spare at the end of the trip we will give to workers, either on farms or construction crew.



Oman has a generous duty free allowance of two bottles of wine (or spirits, see below) or 24 cans of beer per person.  In addition, the Crowne Plazas we stay at overnight have licences to sell alcohol as well as the Ibri Oasis Hotel.  Note – they do not serve alcohol to take away but they can’t see what you do with room service bottles.  You cannot buy alcohol in shops or supermarkets.

Please note that Oman has a zero drink-drive limit and we ask our guests to wait til we are stopped for the night before consuming any alcohol and also to stop drinking by 11pm so that they are 100% ok for the next day’s driving.  For this reason we discourage the consumption of spirits on our trip.

Saudi Arabia is dry and you cannot purchase or drink alcohol there.  The penalties for being found in possession of alcohol are severe.


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Nissan Patrol crossing the salt flats in Liwa

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