Obtaining Tourist Visa for Oman

Sultanate of Oman

Nationals of the 102 countries are exempt from the requirement to hold a tourist visa; your passport will get stamped, but this “visa” is free for stays of up to 14 days and is granted “on arrival”.  There is no need to apply in advance, but if you want to stay for more than 13 nights, then we recommend you apply for a 30 day e-visa, which costs 20 OMR (about £45)

Exempt list here (official government site)

If you do not hold a passport from one of the countries on the list, you will need to arrange a visa through an agency.

Currently those on list 1 are able to obtain a visa upon arrival – at land borders there is no difference in price however at Muscat Airport they cost 1 OMR on top of the visa price.  Annual muti-entry visas can only be applied for online.

If you do not need an agency to apply on your behalf, you should use the official Royal Oman Police (ROP) website here.

Visa on arrival cost

14 day (13 night) tourist visa on arrival – free for nationals from 102 countries

30 day visit visa for 20 OMR

Annual multi-entry visa for 50 OMR

In addition, GCC based expats holding an approved profession can also obtain a 28 day single entry Foreign GCC Resident Visa for 5 OMR.


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Until recently, there has been only one type of visa issued for tourism, and it is an annual multi-entry visa which allows you to stay up to a total of 90 days.  This visa suits those of you who may want to make a few visits to Saudi, but there are now others available for single entry, which is free for UK citizens, however they do have to pay for insurance bought via the Saudi website.

To see your options, please first go to the official Visit Saudi website here – once you enter your details you will see the visas available to you.




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