Oman is a paradise for photographers.  There is a huge diversity in terrain, wildlife and interesting scenes – most of my guests take thousands of photos on their trips.


There are myriad beautiful things to take photos of in Oman, but please make sure you do not snap government and military buildings or vehicles.   You should also avoid photographing any person (even in a crowd, if they are recognisable) without their express permission, especially local ladies.

If taking selfies make sure that there are no bystanders behind you, otherwise you should ask their permission to be in the shot (if they are Omani then chances are they will offer to take a wider angled picture of you, for you!)

If you have recognisable people in your photos please avoid posting them on social media as this is against the law in Oman.


The use of drones is strictly controlled in Oman and should only be flown with a special licence available from the Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA).

Please read this blogpost  here  from drone-made.com.

We have known people take drones across the road borders, use them in remote areas and return with no fuss, but also have had friends had equipment confiscated at the border.




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