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Welcome to The beautiful Sultanate of Oman
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One country, many landscapes
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Beaches lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean
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Vast sandy deserts
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Towering mountains and lush oases
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Welcome to the Sultanate of Oman, a captivating realm situated as the second largest country on the Arabian Peninsula. This land is a symphony of contrasts, where the shimmering shores of the Indian Ocean teem with vibrant marine life, while the majestic Hajar Mountains soar to heights of up to 3000 meters in the North East. Gaze eastward, and you’ll encounter the Rub Al Khali, The Empty Quarter, the world’s most expansive sand dune desert, stretching beyond Oman’s border with Saudi Arabia.

Beneath Oman’s radiant skies, you’ll find a people whose warmth and amiability shine just as brightly. Tolerance and respect for others are etched deep within the fabric of Omani culture, creating a harmonious tapestry of coexistence. Often referred to as the “Switzerland of the Middle East,” Oman stands out in a region marked by volatility, embracing the role of peacemaker and mediator in numerous international conflicts.

In recent years, the Sultanate has blossomed into a sought-after haven for travelers, yet rest assured, you won’t stumble upon any tour buses where we venture. Our journeys lead intrepid explorers far from the trodden paths, unveiling awe-inspiring landscapes and providing immersive experiences in authentic heritage and culture.

The pages of Oman’s modern history turned a new leaf with the ascension of the late Sultan Qaboos (may he rest in peace) in 1970. Back then, Oman stood as a realm largely secluded from the world’s gaze. Under his visionary leadership, Oman underwent a monumental development renaissance, granting all citizens access to quality housing, electricity, pristine water, and an impeccable road network. On the 10th of January 2020, the nation bid farewell to His Majesty, yet his legacy lives on through his successor, HM Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq, who continues to steer the ship of progress with unwavering dedication.

Oman Adventures: Winters, from October-April

Rocks, Sea and Sand

7 (or 6) Night Guided Self-Drive Adventure

  • Al Huqf Escarpment
  • Al Wusta Coast
  • Masairah Island
  • Wahiba Sands

Omani Heartlands

8 (or 6) Night Guided Self-Drive Adventure

  • Al Huqf Escarpment
  • The Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter)
  • Umm As Sameem
  • Wadi Sahtan & Wadi Banni Hinni

Oman Explorer


  • Wadi Hawqayn


Useful Information


Check out the main flight options from major cities and hubs

Tourist E-Visa

Quick and easy to apply for, costing from 5 OMR (approx £10) for 10 days


The best months to visit Oman are from mid-October through to mid-April.

Hire Cars In Oman

Our packages in Oman include rental of a 4.0 litre Nissan Patrol Y62 Automatic; you can also use your own 4×4 or one hired idependently
Nissan Patrol crossing the salt flats in Liwa

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