The Other Side of Nowhere – 2 Night UAE Adventure

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Tour Dates*


We have no definite dates for this 2 night adventure; they will probably happen on a Thursday-Saturday, but other days are available upon request.







Day One

  • Join us at our campspot, just 500 metres off the Arada-Border Road (E15)
  • Campfire, skywatching

Guests can arrive anytime after 6pm


Day Two

  • Breakfast, strike camp, be moving by 8.30am
  • Long offroad drive with stop for lunch
  • Stop to camp for the night, deep in the desert
  • BBQ and Campfire

Day Three

  • Breakfast, strike camp, be moving by 9am
  • Continue offroad driving
  • Light lunch, just before we return to the road
  • We aim to be back on the E15, 50kms south of Ghayathi, by 2pm

What’s Included/Pricing Tables

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Call/whatsapp us +971509478563   UK number +447565570827

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