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Welcome to the United Arab Emirates
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A thoroughly modern country
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still in touch with its ancient Bedu roots
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And home to kilometre upon kilometre of stunning desert landscapes
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The United Arab Emirates, founded on the 2nd December 1971, comprises 7 Emirates.  Our tours concentrate on the largest one, Abu Dhabi, as that is where the largest expanses of desert are located, including the Rub Al Khali (The Empty Quarter).

The UAE may have its roots in fishing, agriculture and pearling, however it has transformed into a thoroughly modern  country since the discovery of oil in the middle of the 20th century.  The skylines of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are full of stunning skyscrapers yet, this is not where we take our guests.

We head deep into the desert to discover a rich culture and the heritage of the Bedu.  Mother nature has sculpted the dunes into equisite shapes and now and again, a gazelle may appear, watching our convoy as we slowly pass by.


UAE Adventures: from October to May

The Tanker and Beyond

1 night guided self-drive adventure

  • visit THE tanker
  • explore remote oases
  • cross the Tropic of Cancer
  • Stand on top of the world’s largest saline aquifer


Camels and Culture

1 night guided self-drive adventure

  • combining offroad driving with a vist to the Al Dhafra Camel Festival
  • One of our most popular itineraries
  • Easy offroad drive
  • one night wild camping in the desert
  • two visits to the Camel Festival

UAE National Day

2 night guided self-drive adventure

The Other Side of Nowhere

2 night guided self-drive Adventure

  • Journey to the SW corner of the UAE
  • 205kms of lovely sand dune driving
  • Extremely Remote

Liwa Crossing

2 night guided self-drive 

Useful Information


Check out the main flight options from major cities and hubs

UAE Tourist Visa

Many nationalities, including UK and Europe, can receive a free visal on arrival to the UAE.


The best months to visit the UAE are from mid-October through to mid-April.

Hire Cars In The UAE

Currently we do not offer packages with car hire in the UAE.  Some of our clients hire cars independently so they can join our adventures.  Many hire car companies do not allow offroad use.

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