Unveiling Buraimi: Where Nature’s Secrets Await

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of Buraimi, Oman, on this unforgettable guided self-drive, two-night camping tour. Set off on a thrilling adventure as you explore the enchanting landscapes and cultural treasures this hidden gem has to offer.

Your journey begins with a visit to a stunning wadi nestled amidst majestic mountains for an overnight camp with BBQ, followed next morning by a trip to the heart of the ancient city of Buraimi.

Discover the charm of a traditional falaj, a remarkable irrigation system that sustains the area’s lush greenery. Marvel at the engineering ingenuity that has preserved this precious resource for centuries, and gain insight into the local culture and history.

Next, delve into the heart of the desert, where a magical world awaits. Encounter graceful camels as they traverse the sandy dunes, witness the play of shadows and light as the sun sets, and marvel at the sight of acacia trees and towering rocks that dot the landscape.

Throughout your journey, enjoy the convenience of a fully catered experience, as we have breakfast, lunch and dinner covered, all you need bring is your camping gear and a change of clothes!

With the added advantage of free visa on arrival for UAE residents, this immersive tour promises an unforgettable adventure through the untouched beauty of Buraimi, Oman. Prepare to be captivated by its natural wonders, enchanted by its cultural treasures, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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  • Approx 220kms, own 4×4 required
  • 2 nights wild camping, fully catered
  • No previous offroad driving experience is required
  • Family friendly with lots of stops 
  • Minimum 3 guest cars, maximum 6 guest cars
  • Distances from Dubai – Khatim Al Shikla Border 154kms /1 hr 40 mins  Hatta Border 141kms /1hr 28 mins 
  • Distances from Abu Dhabi – Khatim Al Shikla Border 152kms 1 hr 29 mins, Hatta Border 256kms /2hr 41 mins 
  • Reserve your place today with a deposit of only 30%!

Tour Dates

Unveiling Buraimi is a new tour for season 2023-2024, and we hope to run it on a few weekends over the season, our first date being listed below; you can also request this itinerary as a private tour, subject to availability, between October and April each year, with a minimum charge for 3 cars/6 adults.


Friday 3rd November 2023

meet at Oman side of the Khatim Al Shikla Border, Al Ain, at 1530hrs (if you cannot join us at this time, it will be possible for you to meet us at the entry to our campspot up to 1830hrs.

Trip finishes some 15 minutes away from the Hatta border, at lunchtime on Sunday 12th.


Please note: this is a great trip for families, however, children should be a minimum of 3 years old at the time of the trip.

Other dates may be added; if you fill in our enquiry form we will email you updates

Day 1: Buraimi to Wadi Camp
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Join us at the Oman side of the Khatim Al Shikla border at 1530 hrs, having crossed the border and taken advantage of the free visa on arrival now available to UAE residents, as well as tourists from 103 other  countries.

We will take a meandering route with some offroad track to our camping location which is a wadi surrounded by beautiful rocks.  You can look forward to a BBQ and campfire before retiring for the night.

Day 2: Falaj and Desert
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Heading back into the border town of Buraimi, we will first visit Falaj Saranni where we will be welcomed with Omani ghawa and dates, before the owner takes us on a guided tour of nearby farms. 

We will then go to his private farm, where lunch will be served.

About 2pm, we will head north again, this time we are desert bound, driving through a few amazing gullies with rocks on one side and sand on the other.  

We will camp on the sands, and enjoy a light supper and another campfire

Day 3: Desert to Hatta Border
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After a pancake breakfast, we will pack up and set a course for the mountains, where we will learn about Omani agriculture, dip our toes in some beautifully blue pools, and gaze at some amazing rock formations.

A picnic lunch will be served, and once done, it will be time to head to the Hatta border to return to the UAE


Your mulkiya (car registration card) must be valid, and not in the 30 days grace period of the 13th month.

If your car is financed/has a mortgage, then you may be asked for a No Objection Certificate from your Bank. If this applies to you, please contact your bank before paying your deposit, to check their requirements for issuing an NOC.

If your UAE insurance policy already covers Oman, then you should request an orange card from your insurers to prove this.  It is neither orange, nor a card, rather an electronic document in arabic.  Please allow at least 72 hours for your insurance company to process this.

If your UAE insurance does not cover Oman, then you will be able to buy third party cover at the border.


Citizens of 103 countries do not need a visa to enter Oman; if they have a hotel booking and medical insurance they can enter for 13 nights/14 days for free.  They should have a minimum 6 months validity on their passport.  Note, our tour does not have hotel accommodation.

GCC Nationals can enter Oman using their ID card, for free.

GCC residents, regardless of their profession, can avail a visa on arrival, at a cost of 5 OMR.  They should have a minimum validity of 3 months on their UAE residency visa.

Full details from the Foreign Ministry Oman here

If you need or want to purchase an e-visa in advance, only use the official Royal Oman Police site here

1 Adult in car1270 AED
2 adults in 1 car1870 AED
3 adults in 1 car2470 AED
4 adults in 1 car3070 AED
2 adults + 1 child (aged 3-11) in car2120 AED
2 adults + 2 children (aged 3-11) in car2370 AED

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Nissan Patrol crossing the salt flats in Liwa

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