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Season Finale: Hotel Based Liwa Trip

As the final weeks of the 2023-2024 season speed by, the summer heat looms! Our last excursion of the season is approaching in May, and this time, we’re trading in our camping gear for a night of luxury at a lovely hotel. Prepare for a unique Liwa Adventure, filled with off-road drives in diverse terrains, […]

Unveiling Buraimi: Where Nature’s Secrets Await (2 nights)

Embark on a mesmerizing two-night camping adventure in Buraimi, Oman. Explore hidden gems, from a majestic mountain wadi with an overnight camp and BBQ to the ancient city of Buraimi, revealing its traditional falaj irrigation system. Delve into the heart of the desert, where graceful camels traverse sandy dunes, and sunsets paint a breathtaking landscape […]

Wild Wonders of Oman (7 Night): An Amazing Guided Self-Drive Adventure

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Oman’s natural wonders with “Wild Wonders: A guided Omani self-drive adventure”; this small-group tour promises an immersive exploration of Oman’s diverse landscapes and hidden treasures. This meticulously crafted adventure offers a perfect blend of exploration and relaxation, with a mix of wild camping and fully catered […]

Nissan Patrol crossing the salt flats in Liwa

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